New Leadership book from influential leader opens new perspective on the future of business

Available today, High Leadership, opens up a whole new perspective on the approach and behavior of future business leaders. The book, written in a plain and direct language, explores every single aspect of leadership, combining the conclusions together to obtain a sharp unitary vision of the leader. Unlike many of its competitors, which focus on specific themes or adopt and investigate a specific point of view, High Leadership succeeds in outlining the complete role of the top leader through the exploration of each distinct aspect, including those details often forgotten or untold but still indispensable for a true and effective leadership.

Written by a top leader of our times, who chose to remain anonymous and use the pseudonym of William Henry Best, the book had been circulating in the past year in limited private copies. Now available to all, High Leadership is the ideal book for all those businesswomen and businessmen aiming at leadership and improvement.
In a time where leadership has never been more in demand, High Leadership, is a must-read, strongly suggested to all those seeking practical advice and insightful strategies.

Key aspects that make High Leadership a unique book adding value to the category of leadership:
– The book talks directly to the reader, without business categories or stereotypes
– Readers will be provided a true path forward in business and will avoid usual leadership advice
– High Leadership is unique in that it reveals a sort of unitary wholeness in leaders, despite the detailed analysis of each single aspect 
– Chapters are written in a straightforward style, the book is the ideal first approach to a profound understanding of the mechanics of leadership
– Authored by a first-rate leader of our times and secretely circulated in private copies in the last year

“High Leadership is a phenomenal book dedicated to all those women and men wishing to improve their business life. Direct, plain, comprehensive, this book truly gives an original insight into leadership starting from its very roots and combines together all aspects of this complex art. High Leadership definitely makes you want to get out there and conquer the world.” 

Book trailer here: https://youtu.be/0_BAYZyv3yw     
Link to buy the book here: https://www.amazon.com/High-Leadership-William-Henry-Best/dp/8894315630