The ultimate Keynote Speaking

A keynote speaker has the power to influence, energize, ignite, and even empower an audience. Event planners commonly employ these speeches to headline conferences, company retreats, wellness retreats, and other large events. The keynote speaker could be considered the main attraction, the headliner, or the star of an event. Keynote speakers are usually hired by an event planner or coordinator and may be provided talking points to cover in their speech. 

It common for organisation around the world to hire Keynote Speakers once or multiple times a year. However, but hiring a Keynote Speaker is no easy feat. The choice may determine the event’s overall mood and, considering the Keynote Speaker often opens a corporate event and sets the stage for everything to come, it is imperative that an organisation selects a good and qualified speaker, that not only brings a positive and interesting message but also uses an appropriate language, is capable of handling unexpected audience interventions or questions, understands the organisation’s goals and guidelines.

There are numerous Keynote Speakers out there, each with their style and competence, some tend more towards entertainment others towards specific aspects that interest organisations.Most of them are good professionals capable of securing a reasonably effective Keynote speech.

But what if you are looking for a unique Keynote Speaker? Who should you look for? Wha contents to expects in the speech? Our suggestion is to look for a brilliant speaker (when we say brilliant we mean that the speaker needs to bring brilliant concepts) and if you want to go one step further you need to look for a creatively brilliant speaker.

We found one, Davide Amante. A novelist. We are convinced that a novelist is the ideal Keynote Speaker at a corporate event. Would you expect that a novelist will talk about imagination and creativity and be a little out of focus for an organisation event?
Not-at-all! Just consider a successful novelist is often someone who is able to combine inspiration and creativity with a strict business attitude. But that’s only the beginning.

We listened to Davide Amante’s famous ‘Kulturbarer’ speech a few months ago and it was mind-blowing. Yes, it’s written Kulturbarer, because it is a Swedish word. In little more than one hour Davide Amante was able to convey to a business audience quality information and generate curiosity and interest as we’ve rarely seen. The speech really has content and is completely different from the usual approach of many speakers, who basically sum up known concepts and advices into an entertainment show which surprises you but then leaves you with little meat. Here you get all the meat and you really feel as if you’ve been personally involved in something unique. Davide boasts a broad culture and is capable to talk to people with a simple, direct language. He combines his culture with personal experiences (he traveled through the Sahara desert as well as he has been a single-handed sailor) and with his creativity and attitude as a novelist. he result is a truly interesting speech that involves yourself, your values and your organisation’s values, the course you have to take to become a winner in what you do.
It would be actually impossible to define the theme of his speech: teamwork? Leadership? Creativity? Thinking out of the box? Open mindedness? Communication? Improvement? None of these definitions would apply and yet all of them would. You just move through your business, the inspiration of a novelist, the Sahara desert, ancient Greeks and Nietzsche, then you sail in the open sea to new approaches, to end with yourself, achieving incredible results and becoming a kulturbarer.
Isn’t this an amazing Keynote Speaker?
Strongly suggested to all corporations and organisations that aim at substance and not merely entertainment.

Last but not least, Davide welcomes a question&answer moment at the end of his speeches. It is a rare occasion to talk with a novelist and ask all you want about his activity!

Additionally, at the Speaking event you can arrange to have signed copies of Davide’s novels.