Liu Wei exhibit in Shanghai

Long Museum West Bund
Shanghai, China
Through January 17

A monumental solo exhibition of Liu Wei’s work is now on view at the Long Museum (West Bund) through January 17, showcasing recent paintings, sculptures, installations, and videos that together provide a personal reflection on the year 2020. Known for his ambitious works that consider technology, the urban landscape, and the human experience, the acclaimed Chinese artist has transformed the museum into “a distant theater above time and space” that weaves together materials, figures, images, and movement across two and three dimensions.

The exhibition opens with the site-specific installation Dark Matter (2008/2020), referencing earth and the cosmos. 1,098.1 Tons Desert (2020), a massive installation made of sand, draws attention to the core regions of political, economic, and cultural conflict in the world. Meanwhile, Over (2020), the central work of the exhibition, combines sculpture, video, and painting as a reflection on the body, matter, ideology, and global order.

Liu Wei 劉韡
Dark Matter, 2008 / 2020
Wood, iron, steel, black paint402.44 x 436.97 x 397.87 inches1022.2 x 1109.9 x 1010.6 cm
《暗物質》,2008/2020年木板、鐵、鋼板、黑色塗料402.44 x 436.97 x 397.87 英吋1022.2 x 1109.9 x 1010.6 厘米
Liu Wei 劉韡
1098.1 Tons Desert, 2020
Sand, glass, steel433.07 x 433.07 x 220.47 inches1100 x 1100 x 560 cm
433.07 x 433.07 x 220.47 英吋
1100 x 1100 x 560 厘米
散场 / OVER
劉韡的大型個展現正於龍美術館(西岸館)展出,展期至1月17日,展出藝術家最新系列裝置、雕塑和繪畫作品,是劉韡在2020年這個人類最近歷史的特殊時刻,對過往世界的個人回顧與思考。藝術家把美術館改造成一座架空在時間與空間的遠方的劇院;由物質、身體、圖像組成的連續劇場;以及由材料、顏色和線條構成的平面或立體的「風景」。 展覽由一件根據場地特製的空間裝置《暗物質》(2008年/2020年)——代表著被遮擋而不可見的存在——作為序曲,一側走向大地,另一側通向宇宙。展覽中體量最大的空間裝置《1098.1噸沙漠》(2020年),沙子和沙漠作為物質和景觀的指針,將觀者的視野引向當今世界政治、經濟以及文化衝突的核心地帶。與展覽同名的作品組合《散場/OVER》(2020年)是一組融合了雕塑、影像和繪畫性元素的大型裝置,反映身體,物質,意識形態和全球秩序。

Courtesy Lehmann Maupin