Canada will be Centre Stage at the 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair

“Literature is the lifeblood of culture. It’s how we celebrate our landscapes, our differences, our common bonds and how we share our traditions, history, and values. Our country is known for having some of the best writers, storytellers and illustrators in the world. The publishing industry plays a vital role in ensuring our Canadian culture and creativity thrive both at home and abroad. The Government of Canada understands this importance which is why we celebrated the fact that our country was awarded, for the first time, the distinction of official Guest of Honour Country at the 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair. We are proud that our literature and culture will be on display in the year leading up to and during the world’s largest trade fair for books and the publishing industry.

“As Guest of Honour country, Canada will have the prestigious opportunity to showcase its publishing, cultural and creative industries in its own dedicated pavilion. It also allows for a full year of literary and cultural programming throughout Germany in the lead up to the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2020.

“Today, Canadian Heritage, along with our partners at Canada FBM2020, Global Affairs Canada, the Canada Council for the Arts, Telefilm Canada, the National Film Board, Library and Archives Canada, Destination Canada, CBC/Radio-Canada, National Gallery of Canada, Agriculture Canada as well as Canada’s provinces and territories, hosted a preview press conference at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. During this event, Canada unveiled its Guest of Honour official branding and logo and hosted Canadian authors Lisa Moore, Christian Guay-Poliquin and J.D. Kurtness, cellist Cris Derksen and multi platform host Nam Kiwanuka in the Frankfurt Pavilion.

Canada’s theme for the 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair is “Singular Plurality,” a term which not only represents the Canadian publishing landscape, but our country’s diverse cultural mosaic, where each of us is unique but connected by our shared values.

Canada’s heritage and culture is shaped by the richness of a multitude of voices, perspectives and our linguistic duality. Indigenous Peoples’ unique histories, languages, cultural practices, and spiritual beliefs, along with those of individuals and communities of all origins contribute to our diversity. Through this diversity, we can learn about and better understand each other, build bridges and appreciate our differences and similarities. This bestows our artistic landscape with an extraordinary flavour found only in Canada.

“Today’s unveiling is only the beginning for Canada and its cultural industries throughout Germany in 2019 and 2020. The Government of Canada and its partners look forward to showcasing our amazing creators in various literary and cultural programming events in the country throughout the year. We encourage everyone to visit the Canada FBM2020 website at where we will be sharing more details this spring on the year long programming schedule.”

Statement by Caroline Fortin

Canada is eclectic and multicultural, and our differences are woven into this colourful fabric that shows a nation that’s growing and striving to push further on all fronts, resulting in vibrant, creative industries. This is reflective of today’s Canadian literature, which more than ever is bursting with new voices and perspectives that are reaching broad audiences. Our literature will be the star of our celebration in 2020, from rising and emerging writers and illustrators to the highly acclaimed and renowned authors. Canada will reveal powerful writing from all literary genres and from French, English, and Indigenous voices while still heralding the myriad of backgrounds that represent our country, our SINGULAR PLURALITY

Caroline Fortin, President, Canada FBM2020

Statement by Juergen Boos

Juergen Boos, President and CEO of Frankfurter Buchmesse: Canada’s image is built on the diversity of its population. The country recognised early on how enriching it is for a society to be open to immigration and the tremendous potential it offers. In this way, Canada shows us that it is possible to give people with very different approaches to life and backgrounds fresh prospects and – far more importantly – a new home. Canadian literature is a reflection of this society, and I am looking forward to experiencing this diversity on the occasion of Canada’s appearance as Guest of Honour at Frankfurter Buchmesse 2020. Already this year, Canada is inviting us to discover its young literary talent, and with Margaret Atwood here we have one of the most important representatives of Canadian literature amongst us.

Juergen Boos, President and CEO, Frankfurter Buchmesse

Picture above:

Die Sprecherinnen und Sprecher der Pressekonferenz des Ehrengasts Norwegen am 4. Juni 2019 im Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, © Sabine Felber

Sprecher(innen) sind:
Matthias Wagner K (Direktor des Museums)
Juergen Boos (Direktor der Frankfurter Buchmesse)
Margit Walsø (Direktorin von NORLA – Norwegian Literature Abroad)
Halldór Guðmundsson (Projektleiter des Ehrengastauftrittes 2019)
Petter Ølberg (Botschafter Norwegens in Deutschland)