Screenplay writing, a new and exceptional workshop in Italy, that you can attend in English either Online or in person.

Anyone knows that screenplay writing is not limited to the realm of writing but extends well into many aspects of the film production. DMA International, a feature film production company with operations in Milan, the economic capital of Italy, is now offering an incredibly interesting screenplay workshop, in English, with a famed author, which you can attend either Online or directly in person with the further value of visiting a marvellous city.

Milan, set in the north of Italy, is one of Europe’s leading cities, a capital of fashion, economy, creativity. Not everybody knows that many international film productions and most of the financials related to film productions in Italy, start right in Milan. So its no surprise that a film production company based in Milan partnered with a famed international author living in Milan to launch a screenplay writing workshop that is unique. This is not the usual screenplay writing course explaining the various aspects of of screenwriting and a few secrets of authorship. This is an operational screenplay course that really takes you into screenplay writing and teaches you on one side how to write an effective and successful screenplay on the other side teaches you how fundamental is the screenplay and how much more than you would expect the screenplay extends into the different phases of the production of a film. his course really reveals the operational secrets of screenplay writing and film productions, helping you become a genuine film professional, understanding the secrets and the dynamics of film writing and production. An indispensable course if you are aiming at screenplay writing and you not only want to write an effective screenplay but want to relate appropriately to a production company anywhere in the world to introduce your screenplay. Understanding this world from an operational perspective truly can make the difference and DMA International Online workshop is the right step.
This is a course that you can attend from anywhere in the world, that will reveal all the secrets of screenplay writing under the expert guidance of a famed international author. The added value of this course is not only that you will learn all the secrets of screenplay writing but you can relate directly with the author for questions or specific requests.
The course is developed into 8 lessons of two hours each and is offered at the price of 800US$.The course is open to beginners as well as experienced authors. Open to all ages.

For more information visit: Screenplay writing course DMA International
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